Monday, March 27, 2017

Binge Blog #3: Birch Trees

Those of you who have been following me on facebook have probably figured out by now that I have fallen in love with the birch trees in Finland.  They are everywhere you look and they are beautiful. Large expanses of tall, white, straight trees are a common sight, and stunning one!  The combination of pine or spruce trees and birch is also gorgeous.

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These birch trees are right outside our kitchen window.  We walk by them everyday.

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Taken on a hike while our friends Hans and Sonja visited.
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Gah!  I can hardly stand it!!!!
(OK, I didn't actually take this picture, but I've sure seen this scene a lot!)

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A wall of birch "wall paper" at the Forestry Museum in Rovaniemi.

One of our goals in coming to Finland was to find a piece of artwork to bring home and put up in our living room.  There's a big, empty space just waiting for some Finnish beauty.  We have looked and looked and just haven't found anything.  So I decided to make my own...  I'm calling it my "art project."  I think we will choose 9 of the following pictures (and possibly more to come) and hang them in a 3 x 3 collage with simple frame.  I'm having so much fun watching the birch trees as I walk around town, looking for my next close up.

Which ones are your favorites?

Stay tuned for my next art project:  Moss on Rocks.  

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